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HTML Formatter

  • Save time: Instantly clean-up messy, hard to read code
  • Make sense of nested divs, nested tables, or Coldfusion logic in seconds rather hours!
  • Process a single file or an entire folder
  • Format Eclipse: code inside Eclipse / Dreamweaver is indented and cleaned automatically
  • More features
Ben Forta, of CF fame, says: "HTML Formatter Does A Really Nice Job With CFML. HTML Formatter is a little utility that does one thing and does it well, it formats your code, both HTML and CFML. It's fast, it's a cinch to use, it can be used with ColdFusion Builder as well as Dreamweaver and other tools, and it just works...this one is well worth a look at!" forta.com
Original code, before HTML Formatter

Samples are the source code from the Google homepage.

Code after HTML Formatter

See how EASY it is to format HTML
or format Coldfusion

The video may seem long but you can figure out how it works in just a minute or so of watching...the rest is showing the different config options. You can enlarge the video (I show in the video how to do so) or view it straight on YouTube.
Want to read an unbiased opinion of one of the folks that use the HTML Formatter (for Coldfusion no less), check out Michael Evangelista's review.
"...html formatter with it's native CF support has done wonders for some of my more hurried code's readability." — SB

"Your HTML/ColdFusion formatter is a blessing! I wish I knew about you last year! You've added thousands of hours of productivity to my development team, and buckets of joy..." — David O.
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The verdict: at what it does, HTML Formatter is one of the best out there, if not the best. A very useful tool which can save you a lot of time and which delivers great results. Spread the word!
— FreewareGenius.com

I am truely amazed with HTML Formatter and it has won the Bearware Top Freeware Award.
— BearWare.info
Basic edition
Basic features only
Deluxe edition
All features as listed below
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All features as listed below plus any upgrades made in the next two years.
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Welcome to LogicHammer.com: a site I am assembling up to put up some of the web development tools and utilities that I have created to make my life easier.

The HTML Formatter, formerly Format HTML, the HTML Indenter, the Markup Indenter, and / or the HTML Beautifier, arose out of the need to make code more readable by properly indenting all the markup tags. The HTML Formatter can handle all HTMLish markup (including indenting ColdFusion code) and you can specify what extensions it operates on and what tags you want to have formatted.

Easily format / indent code in Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Homesite, CFEclipse, etc...Watch the video to see how easy and automatic it is.

Features of HTML Formatter (deluxe only)

  • HTML Formatter will now operate on the original files so that the cleanly updated file will be indented in Eclipse, CFEclipse, Dreamweaver, Homesite, etc without having to refresh any project info. Of course, a backup is made beforehand and will only operate on the file if the backup was successful.
  • You can create a shortcut to the HTML Formatter in the quick launch area on your Windows machine (lower left next to the start menu) and literally drag and drop files or folders from your IDE (eclipse, CFEclipse, homesite, dreamweaver) and they will be instantly formatted. That makes using the program very simple especially now that you can operate on the originals.
  • You can now specify tags for the HTML Formatter to not format...things like CFMail, CFQuery, style, and script tags should not have formatting applied to them and you can control that in the config file now.
  • This one was basically a bug: code inside of HTML/CFML comments was being included for determining how much to indent and how many tags were open and closed. This has been corrected.
  • Can work on files over UNC paths now
  • Another bug: folder names or file names with periods in them (disregarding the period for the extension) were basically blowing up. This has been corrected.
  • You can now choose your own replacement character for indenting: 1 tab, 9 tabs, 4 spaces, whatever you want. Default is 1 tab.
  • You can now control whether extra newlines get stripped or not.
  • You can now control how long the report stays up with info about your last run: 0 seconds to infinity.
  • You can now control whether tags that start and end on the same line should get broken up or not. Default is to keep them all on one line but you get to decide.

Features of HTML Formatter (basic and deluxe)

  • Perfectly cleans up that messy code that would take 15 - 30 minutes to format for every file. It's a huge time saver!
  • Makes nested divs, nested tables, Coldfusion logic make sense in seconds rather than a half hour!
  • Debug layout issues super fast!
  • Makes copies of files and directories...it never, ever modifies the originals (in the basic edition and will only modify originals if you specify to in the deluxe).
  • Files it will operate on totally customizable from config file
  • Tags it will format are totally customizable from config file
  • Can log warnings to log file based on entry in the config file
  • Informs you of tags closed out of order and their position in the new file
  • Informs you of when the number of opening and closing tags do not match
  • If opening and closing tags do not match, it will do it's best to determine where it should properly indent so that formatting still looks perfect.
  • Tags that open and close on the same line in the source file (that are specified in the config file) will be left to a single line so that TR TD /TD /TR are on one line.
  • Leaves the content in between script tags alone
  • Works great for any file where HTML / XML type tags need formatting: HTML, ASP, PHP, Smarty templates, XML, etc...You just need to know what container tags you want be indented. Predefined tags are in the config file for HTML and Coldfusion
  • Can be called from the command line and used that way.
  • Better than an online html formatter as it can process folders and files straight from the "Send To" context menu!
  • Absolutely no spyware or adware!

You can drop a single file or folder on HTML Formatter and it will make a copy of that file or directory in the original source directory. It will append _INDENTED to the new directory or filenamexxx_INDENTED.extension. For example, paris.html becomes paris_INDENTED.html. It will then go through and properly format HTML or Coldfusion code for you so that an opening tag will be on it's own line, code nested in between the open and close tag will be tabbed in according to how many nested tags / indentations there need to be. The HTML Formatter will also tell by line number where certain tags are closed out of order and if certain tags are not properly opened or closed. It will also tell you if your code is perfect!

Let's say you drop a single Coldfusion file on HTML Formatter, it will make a copy of your code and put that new file in the same dir as the source file. It will go through and properly indent all the code under <CFIF>, <CFTRY>, etc statements so that the logic flow of the code can easily be understood...Without that indentation, it can be near impossible to determine where a container element begins and ends...the bigger the file, the more this program becomes a savior.

With it's support for Coldfusion, the HTML Formatter could be called the Coldfusion Beautifier or Coldfusion Code Beautifier.

You control what files get processed and what tags should be indented by making simple changes to a text file.

If you are a web designer and programmer that has taken over code that isn't organized the way you want, is hard to read or determine the flow, this program is just what you need!

The HTML Formatter determines its formatting based on all relevant open and closing container tags being present. If they are not (meaning there are missing open or close tags), it will let you know how many are missing and what line numbers the HTML Formatter thinks they might be on. The HTML Formatter will NOT fill in your missing tags...it will tell you where they are most likely, though.

The HTML Formatter is the only program of its' kind...I went looking for something that would clean up the formatting of HTML and was not able to find anything. HTML Tidy may add missing tags but it will not actually make your code look nice and clean or easy to understand as you want to be able to do when dealing with nested tags or trying to determine the hierarchy of elements.

FYI, the HTML Formatter is a Windows only program...sorry Mac and Linux users!


Last year I inherited one of the worst written Coldfusion Applications I have ever seen. The lack of readability was one of the main points of pain in the application. Your HTML/ColdFusion formatter is a blessing! I wish I knew about you last year! You've added thousands of hours of productivity to my development team, and buckets of joy to those of us that have to clean it up.

As a ColdFusion veteran of over 12 years, I would highly recommend this to any developer that has to work with someone else's unreadable code.

Thank you Matt!

David O.
Director of Information Technology

I recently purchased your product and really like it. After systematically converting a 1000+ page site from tables to Divs through careful use of dreamweavers find and replace, I used your html formatter to clean up the code it ran through the code with no hiccups which was refreshing to see.

— Harley N.

on the (online) advice of several other CF guys, I just [paid] for this little app http://www.logichammer.com/html-formatter/

not what i expected... even simpler! it is a self-executing file (no installation) and it has virtually no interface. Configuration is easy and done within a single .ini text file.

Then you just drag any html/htm/cfm/cfml file onto the icon for the html-formatter (you can specify your own extensions too) and it instantly spits out a copy with a new name, leaving the old one alone.

You can also drop whole directories onto the icon and it makes a copy folder with cleaned files inside. I just ran it on a folder of custom tags and it snapped everything right into place. Very nice!

I also just put it on my task bar - i can drag any file right from the eclipse project or file window, and it runs without even changing windows. Just as good as an eclipse plugin, in that sense!

Also, if you drop a full directory onto it, it makes a new directory but the filenames inside are the same, so you can just drag from the new folder to the original to overwrite with the clean version!
— ME

send me a nasty page (of NOF code) and I'll send it right back, formatted... I'm curious too. Cleaning up old or hard-to-manage code is the main reason I bought the thing (not that my own code couldn't use a little tidying now and then!)

as a side note - Matt, the creator, responded to my email from yesterday and said he might be able to make his little widget work inside of cfeclipse (he's a big eclipse user/promoter himself)
— ME
This thing is awesome. I just ran a huge directory - an entire CF application . It took about 20 seconds and the report showed where there might have been any missing tags (just a few).

Now all of the code is neatly indented, whitespace removed, comments aligned just right... that single use was worth the price, easy!
— ME
I take it back about 'no interface'. Drag any file onto the icon to start an instance of the program, and it appears in your taskbar. Right click and there is an option for 'defaults', which opens the settings. Very cool.
— ME
I just read this in the comments:
One suggestion: after installing, I added "HTML_Formatter.exe" to my 'Send To' Menu - Works PERFECTLY!
I like that idea, too!
I also just tried it with right-clicking and 'open with' and that works as well.

I see that it indents but I haven't looked through the FAQ to see what else can be set in 'config.ini'.
There were a few times i thought it didn't do anything because the black box popped up and then went away, but sure enough there was a renamed copy saved when i refreshed the file list in eclipse.

It renames files and folders, took me a minute to see where it put all the copies when i ran a big job... but it ran quick and smooth and my code is now oh-so clean!
— ME
Format HTML is the same product as the HTML Formatter. Format HTML will format HTML and indent HTML as well.

Here I am on Google Plus.