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Format HTML

  • Save headaches: Automatically format HTML code that anyone would call messy code
  • Figure out Coldfusion logic or embedded tables or divs in seconds rather than hours!
  • You can run it against one file or a directory of files
  • Indent CFEclipse: code inside CFEclipse / Homesite is formatted and cleaned instantly
  • Additional features
Ben Forta, of CF fame, says: "HTML Formatter Does A Really Nice Job With CFML. HTML Formatter [or Format HTML] is a little utility that does one thing and does it well, it formats your code, both HTML and CFML. It's fast, it's a cinch to use, it can be used with ColdFusion Builder as well as Dreamweaver and other tools, and it just works...this one is well worth a look at!" forta.com

See how EASY it is to format HTML
or format Coldfusion

The video may seem long but you can figure out how it works in just a minute or so of watching...the rest is showing the different config options. You can enlarge the video (I show in the video how to do so) or view it straight on YouTube.
Want to read an unbiased opinion of one of the folks that use Format HTML (for Coldfusion no less), check out Michael Evangelista's review.
"...html formatter with it's native CF support has done wonders for some of my more hurried code's readability." — SB
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I'm a Seattle Wordpress Expert. Neat, huh?

Interesting article about what not to wear to a funeral.
Original code, before Format HTML

Samples are the source code from the Google homepage.

Code after Format HTML


The verdict: at what it does, Format HTML is one of the best out there, if not the best. A very useful tool which can save you a lot of time and which delivers great results. Spread the word!
— FreewareGenius.com

I am truely amazed with Format HTML and it has won the Bearware Top Freeware Award.
— BearWare.info
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Format HTML, formerly the HTML Formatter, formerly the HTML Indenter, the Markup Indenter, and / or the HTML Beautifier, came from desire to make HTML code and Coldfusion code more readable so I needed a way to format HTML and indent HTML (and format ColdFusion code and indent ColdFusion tags). Format HTML operates on all markup languages (including indenting ColdFusion code and being able to format HTML) and you can tell it what extensions to run agains and what tags you want to have formatted.

Automatically indent or format code in CFEclipse, Homesite, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, etc...See the demo video on the right to watch how easy it is.

Features of Format HTML (deluxe only)

  • Format HTML will now process the source files so that your source file will be perfectly formatted in Eclipse, CFEclipse, Dreamweaver, Homesite, etc without the need to update any project info. Prior to processing, a backup is created and Format HTML will only proceed if that backup was a success
  • In the quick launch area of Windows, you can drag a shortcut to Format HTML once and then be able to literally drag and drop files or folder from you favorite editor onto that icon; your files will then be instantly cleaned and make the program even more simple to use now.
  • You may now specify tags for Format HTML to not indent...tags like CFMail, CFQuery, style, and script tags should not be indented and you handle this in the config file now.
  • BUG FIX: markup inside of CFML or HTML comments were being used when figuring out how to indent and for counting how many tags were open and closed.
  • Now works on files or directories over UNC.
  • BUG FIX: directories or files containing periods in them (aside from the extension) were erroring out. This has been fixed.>/li>
  • You may now pick your own replacement character for formatting: one tab, five tabs, four spaces. You choose! Default is one tab.
  • You may now determine if extraneous new lines are kept or stripped.
  • You may now determine how long the informational report stays up with information about your last run: zero seconds to then end of time.
  • You now determine whether tags that open and close on the same line will get broken up or not. Default is to maintain them all on one line but you make the call in the config file.

Features of Format HTML (basic and deluxe)

  • Format HTML or indent Coldfusion code instantly! Format HTML the way you want!
  • Can be used with IDEs like Eclipse, DreamWeaver, or HomeSite -- see the first comment.
  • Automatically cleans up that spaghetti code rather than you spending time indenting every tag. Enormous time saver!
  • Figure out Coldfusion logic or embedded tables or divs in seconds rather than hours!
  • Easily works on files where HTML / XML type tags need formatting: HTML, ASP, PHP, Smarty templates, XML, etc...Just tell it what container tags should be indented. Config file has a template filled out already for for HTML tags and Coldfusion code.
  • Make sense of layout issues in a snap!
  • Call it from the command line or your favorite programming language: PHP, ASP, C#, etc!
  • Creates duplicates of files and folders...it never modify the original source code.
  • Customize what files it will run against from the configuration file
  • Customize what tags you want formatted from the configuration file
  • You can have warnings logged to a file based on what you have in your configuration file
  • Surpasses an online html formatter as it can fix folders and files sent from the "Send To" command!
  • Alerts when tags are closed out of order and its placement in the new file
  • Alerts when the number of start and end tags don't line up.
  • Format HTML will do it's best to figure out when tags are out of order and continue to indent so that the file should look perfect even if the HTML isn't.
  • Tags that start and end on the same line in the original file will be constrained to a single line so that TR TD /TD /TR will appear on a single line.
  • Will not mess with content in between script tags
  • 100% guarantee of no adware or spyware!

Looking for CFEclipse support?
You can put a shortcut to the program in the QuickLaunch part of your Start Menu and drag and drop files from CFEclipse on to it from there. Your newly formatted files will then show up in your project.

You can drop a single file or folder on Format HTML and it will make a copy of that file or directory in the original source directory. It will append _INDENTED to the new directory or filenamexxx_INDENTED.extension. For example, paris.html becomes paris_INDENTED.html. It will then go through and properly format HTML or Coldfusion code for you so that an opening tag will be on it's own line, code nested in between the open and close tag will be tabbed in according to how many nested tags / indentations there need to be. Format HTML will also tell by line number where certain tags are closed out of order and if certain tags are not properly opened or closed. It will also tell you if your code is perfect!

Let's say you drop a single Coldfusion file on Format HTML, it will make a copy of your code and put that new file in the same dir as the source file. It will go through and properly indent all the code under <CFIF>, <CFTRY>, etc statements so that the logic flow of the code can easily be understood...Without that indentation, it can be near impossible to determine where a container element begins and ends...the bigger the file, the more this program becomes a savior.

With it's support for Coldfusion, Format HTML could be called the Coldfusion Beautifier or Coldfusion Code Beautifier.

FYI, the Format HTML is a Windows only program...sorry Mac and Linux users!


As it is now I have an icon on my windows taskbar, I can drag any file or folder from the eclipse 'project' or 'file' view and it creates a perfectly formatted copy. I have even run this on entire CF applications with excellent results.
— ME
Hello, I bought your product yesterday and I am pleased with it. I have to parse HTML written (badly!) by others and update an Access database with extracted data. I use VB and find I can execute HTML Formatter in a VB program using from the command line. Like this: "C:\HTML Formatter\HTML_Formatter.exe" "C:MyFiles\Unformatted.html" Thank you.
— MF
...html formatter with it's native CF support has done wonders for some of my more hurried code's readability.
— SB
Wow- exactly what I needed thank you.
— RF
Hell yes! This markup formatter cleaned up my code in seconds and I used someone’s 'send-to' idea and that makes things work awesome!
— JB
Man, i sure could use this for some of my clients existing code- what a mess! Great program, i can't believe i haven't seen anything like it before. Im sold.
— FT
Very Nice...One suggestion: after installing, I added "HTML_Formatter.exe" to my ‘Send To’ Menu - Works PERFECTLY!
— CT
Thanks for this, I am starting to learn HTML and it will definately come in handy.
— JS

HTML Formatter is the same product as Format HTML. Format HTML will format HTML and indent HTML as well.

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